Real-time collab and beautiful

database client!

Beautiful, fast, and user-friendly, Bolt SQL is a real-time collaborative database client that helps you and your team write and share SQL easily.


Friendly GUI tool, blazing fast, and tracking-free

We've handpicked the most sought-after features for easy access. Performance, security, and privacy (no analytics framework) are our top priorities.

GUI Library

Real-time collaboration

Bolt SQL supports real-time collaboration so you and your team can work together!

Share workspaces

Sync your data to all devices, so you can work everywhere. Bolt SQL uses end-to-end encryption, no one has access to it without the private key.


Built-in charts

Bolt SQL has built-in charts so you can ship reports quickly with just a few clicks.

Buit-in ChatGPT AI Assistant

With embedded ChatGPT, you can use AI to generate complex queries based on your database context.


Customizable appearance

Need a dark theme? You don’t need to go for Mojave, Bolt SQL has it all.

You can customize the appearance & configurations that best match your personal taste.


Want to see Bolt SQL in action?

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